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Weight Guide

We know it can be a bit of a minefield when it comes to ordering hair, deciding how much you need and making sure your getting the right amount. This isn't always plane sailing as no two heads of hair, or desired result are the same. 

Most of our hair extensions come in bundles of 50g in weight. This gives you the ability to be  flexible and mix and match the shades that you are ordering, to ensure perfect blends every time. 

All products have full weight guides in the product description.

Here is a rough guide: 


Side fillers: 50g (1 packet)

Thickness & volume: 50g-100g (1-2 packets)

Length & thickness (fine - medium hair) 100g-150g

Length & thickness (medium to thick hair): 150g-200g (3-4 packets)

Super thick & long hair: 200g +

Please note this is a rough guide which states our opinion, and this will vary depending on the individual. If you are unsure please do your own research before purchasing.

If you are a customer purchasing for yourself, we recommend asking a  hair professional. If you are a hair extensions looking for guidance, it's best to double check with your trainer.

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