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The Belle Luxe Miracle Moisture Mask is the dreamiest mask out there for your locks!


Not only will it intensly nourish and repair your extenions, it will also polish and leave them feeling silky smooth to the touch. This acts as a intense conditioner, which will restore vibrance and shine too.


Our Extension Boost is Vegan & Cruelty free




Apply a small amount of our mask after shampooing the hair (with the Belle Luxe shampoo ) mainly to the mid lengths to the ends of your hair. Gently work your way through the hair, being careful not to apply to the  bonds or to the roots. For a extra boost, leave on nfor 2 minutes. Then rinse as neccessary. We reccomend using fornightly for best results.


We reccomend applying a drop of our Argan oil or leave in conditioner after washing. 

Miracle Moisture Mask

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