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Belle Luxe Body Wave Tape extension's are made using only the finest, most luxurious 100% human remy hair in the world.


Our Double Drawn hair ensures that the extension's are thicker, stronger and even more lustrous from root to tip.


Our curly hair is created by steaming the materials, in a specialist process to create a permanent curl or wave.


- Luxury Double Drawn Remy Hair

- 50g Per Pack

- 9 Month+ Lifepspan

- Available in 18" - 32"


This hair is designed to mimic natural afro texture, to ensure a flawless blend. As it's textured, it has a slightly coarser feel than straight extension's. 


For length's 26" - 32", please click here.


The Curly Tape's that we stock are natural shade, 1B. If you'd like to order a different / bespoke shade, you can do so by clicking here.


We suggest ordering 2" - 4" or so longer to allow for the hair to jump.

Body Wave Tapes Shade 1B

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